Securing the best candidates

So let us assume that through various search or contingency methods you have some interviews in place and on paper the candidates look absolutely ideal. But there is still everything to play for now. You need to give candidates every possible reason to join you and remember it is a finite and competitive market. Plan to be in this for the long term and ensure that all contact, communication and dealings with the potential candidate is speedy, positive and effective throughout the recruitment process.

One way of conveying this to candidates is to ensure that you have prepared, have read through their CV and that their details are of interest. Make sure that the interview is promptly arranged, that the agreed slot is in the relevant people’s diaries and that all the necessary arrangements are organised for the meeting. If you appear disorganised then this view of you will also impact on their view of the firm. Prompt attendance is also then desirable. If the candidate does not turn out to be as dynamic in person, then you must still ensure that they leave with a positive feeling about the process and ultimately about the firm.

Liaise with the candidate or recruiter about your recruitment process so that there are not any surprises for the candidate. After all, the candidate needs to feel that they have been given every opportunity to perform at their best and feel that the process was reasonable and relevant. Preparation prior to the interview will often throw up points that will need clarifying or need further probing and introducing some structure can greatly assist the overall process. Prompt decisions and feedback is also then desirable.

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