Do I need to recruit?

Rather than just assuming that when somebody resigns, or if you secure additional work, you should just go ahead and replace, just stop and ask yourself “Do I need to recruit?”. Alternatively, you may have received a speculative application and because you don’t have a vacancy haven’t really considered the details, but are you missing an opportunity?

Recruitment planning is a time to review and look at all the options. Being clear about what you need should make the process more efficient and assist both internal and external perceptions of the business. So let’s accept that “Good Planning is crucial to Good Recruitment” and consider some of the following:

Can we restructure some aspects of the work?

What are the utilisation rates of the rest of the team or within the firm? Are there some parts of the work that might transfer to another team? Basically review the existing objectives and skills of the remaining staff. How will the new role fit in with the existing roles?

Can anybody else undertake the work?

Look to see if existing staff are suitable for promotion or possibly with some training will be able to undertake the role. Recruitment externally can take a while to find the right person and skills set, so internal promotion with a training plan can lead to staff growing in to the role in the same time.

By considering and promoting internal candidates you can be seen to be offering choice, career progression and improve retention. Ultimately, if you decide that you do need to recruit externally, then hopefully you will be better informed to pin-point what you are looking for in potential candidates.

What will they do - Identify and review the job role

Think about the main areas of work that the role will be undertaking and then put together a purpose to the role. What are the main responsibilities and specific tasks that will be carried out and what level of decision making will this person be required to undertake.

What skills and experience do they need: Supervising or Leading?

Having defined the role, what skills and knowledge are necessary to undertake the role? Will there be supervision available so you could look to appoint at a less experienced level or have they really got to be ‘up and running’. Consider if the role needs to supervise or manage the existing team and/or bring in new business? You could have a range of your ideal qualities and also your minimum requirements.

In the current climate a number of businesses are taking the opportunity to review details that on further exploration have considerable contacts or expertise that might dovetail in with the existing business.

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