Interview Advice

Some basics but hopefully useful – you will be surprised how many of the best candidates just don’t make time beforehand so…

Preparation is key, so always know where you are going, plan your journey and make a note of who are seeing with telephone numbers handy just in case you have travel problems on route.

Most firms include a map and directions on their website. Maybe plan to arrive slightly earlier and have a cup of coffee locally or have a look around the area if you don't know it that well.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Enthusiasm, a firm handshake and a positive smile go a long way.

Review any legal job descriptions and information about the role to identify your skills and experience that will be relevant – speak to your recruiter.

Think through any relevant experience that you have had during your legal career and think of examples that could be appropriate to illustrate your skills and experience.

Along with your technical skills and legal experience do think around your other 'softer skills' such as communication and interpersonal skills, and planning and organisation skills.

Research the firm’s website and also look at any other related websites for information.

Use your network, do you know people that might have worked there or do other clients have dealings with them?

Make sure you are polite to everyone you meet – they will no doubt get feedback from all involved including the secretary or receptionist.

Listen carefully to the questions, clarify if you are not sure what they are asking and also don’t be too long winded in your response, after all they can always ask you another question if they want more information.

Know your CV. This is your chance to expand on your CV, bring it to life and really sell to them why you would be the best person for their job so don’t be shy and don’t assume they know what you do.

The interview is two-way process so you should go along with your own questions to ask.

At the end of the meeting do get across that you remain interested and also try and find out when you will hear, or what the next stage of the process will be.


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