Review of legal jobs for 2011

If you only watch the evening news then you might think that the end of the commercial world as we know it is near. The ever shrinking eurozone, rumoured double-dip, public sector strikes and the constant shifting of energy tariffs don’t help but, …my blog today is with good news. As we start the last month of this year and look back at recruitment activity during 2011 then it’s good to see activity returning across many legal sectors.

Notably firms have been recruiting Lawyers this year in to commercial property, corporate and dispute resolution and there are still opportunities out there for experienced lawyers and newly qualifieds and yes, some of these NQ roles are challenging to recruit to. It’s all down to supply and demand at the NQ level and of course trainee numbers were cut a few years ago.

Talking to clients, the majority seem busier than they have been and there has also been positive general job announcements from Jaguar Landrover, Marstons and Starbucks! Also with most schools closed yesterday, this saw an unexpected retail surge from christmas shoppers. Law firms are still cautious when ‘shopping’ or rather recruiting but there are real career opportunities out there so if you are thinking of moving then why not take a browse. More good news for the end of 2011 is that we are not all fighting heavy snow falls and thick ice as we were this time last year but, don’t leave your shopping too late… (I’d like snow – it then feels like Christmas, but don’t watch the news when it snows as they will just tell you “it’s treacherous out!”). Happy Shopping.

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