Legal News for 2016

(23rd Feb 2016)

Updates for 2015

What will the new year hold for you

(10th Jan 2015)

Legal News for 2014

Update 2014

(1st Dec 2014)

Legal news from 2013

A round up of some of the key events of the last 12 months

(11th Dec 2013)

Motivational Tips in the Legal Recruitment Jobs Market

Staying positive during these lean times will help you remain focused whilst looking for employment, whether in a job or not.

(1st Jan 2013)

Top 50 law firms pushing profits to an all time high . . .

he UK's top law firms have overcome continued uncertainty in the global economy to achieve a second consecutive year of growth, while top 50 firms push partner profits back towards a boom-time high.

(1st Aug 2012)

Review of legal jobs for 2011

If you only watch the evening news then you might think that the end of the commercial world as we know it is near.

(2nd Jan 2012)

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